Many people today searching for how to reset or repair Canon IP4200, IP4300, IP5200, and here is the manual instructin for Canon IP4200, IP4300, IP5200
1. If your printer is brand new, first install the original cartridges that came with the printer. The reason for this is because the printer has to start with the original cartridges. CIS can not start a new printer cartridge error displayed saying the printer can not be recognized.
2. After removing the original cartridges can be installed on the CISS. Make sure the printer is turned off during installation of the CISS.
3. Please do not wait until the original cartridges are empty before installing the CISS. In the case of the CISS is a problem that still have the original cartridges to fall again.
4. Be sure to describe the printer's error in detail and have tried so far Fixit. I will help you fix or send replacement parts or a replacement unit.

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